wedding Pinterest worthy tips

The magical world of Pinterest has brought creativity and inspiration for wedding ideas to a whole new level, so it just makes sense to get amongst it. But how do you make your wedding vision Pinterest-worthy in real life?

We can help you with that! Here are some tips to get your started on bringing your awe-inspiring wedding to life.


Start broad

Jot down ideas as they come to you, scan magazines – no matter how old they are – scour them for style ideas and interesting colour schemes.

Take to Pinterest itself and do a generic search and pin things that capture your attention, whether it is because of the theme, the look, the creativity or the colour.

Look at venues, food, flowers, dresses and you will start to see a theme emerging from the things you pin to your board.


Get specific

Now that you know what you are looking for, you can narrow down the search and widen the horizon of possibilities. There are guides that show up under the search bar that can help you to pivot to related searches.

Visual search (a magnifying glass at the top of every pin, is a great tool for finding similar flower arrangements, dresses and colour schemes.


Create a mood board

This can be electronic or physical, but can include all of your favourite ideas and elements that you really want to include in your wedding.

This can be an organic document that can change throughout your planning process as you come across new ideas and more interesting ways to set the tone of your wedding.



The vendors you’re considering probably have Pinterest boards, so take a look at the ideas they’ve been saving. It’s reassuring as a bride-to-be when you find a vendor with a shared aesthetic, so you can be confident that they’ll execute your vision.

You can also create a group board that your fiance can contribute to if they want to be involved, and that you can share with your vendors so you don’t have to try and explain what you are looking for over the phone or email.


Set the budget

Before you get totally blown away by ideas that you want to recreate yourself, it’s time to get realistic.

Determining the length of the purse strings will help you figure out whether you can outsource the creation of your unique ideas (or the recreation of ones you absolutely love), or whether you will have to start op-shopping for unique pieces to re-purpose yourself.