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Perfect wedding suppliers

Choosing your wedding suppliers is more than simply engaging with those who have the best Instagram photos, it is crucial to connect with them on a personal level to bring your dream to life.

Finding that shared vision and passion is the key to finding your perfect wedding suppliers. Although it sounds like a pretty straight-forward thing, it will require you to do a bit of research and legwork to achieve.

Not to worry though, we have a step-by-step guide to help you select the right suppliers for your big day.


Step 1: Get inspired

You can get started on your search right away by visiting the Easy Weddings directory. It is a portal for suppliers from around the country and is an easy way to look through photos from each of the suppliers in your area.

This will not only give you some inspirational ideas for your own ceremony and reception, but it will give you an idea of which suppliers have worked with styles similar to what you envisage for your big day.


Step 2: Create a shortlist

When you see something that stands out for you, jot their details down, or save them into your Easy Weddings Suppliers List so you can easily find them later. You may find that the same suppliers keeps popping up time and again, so it makes sense that they will be one of the people you reach out to.


Step 3: Make enquiries and request pricing

Fill out the enquiry form on the profile pages of your favourite suppliers to find out if they are available for yourwedding date and to request pricing. Enquire with multiple suppliers to ensure you get fast responses and you are able to make a clear comparison between the suppliers in each category.


Step 4: Time to get personal

If the suppliers are in travelling distance, it is worth scheduling an appointment to sit down with them to discuss what you have in mind and to hear how they can make it a reality for you. It will also give you a chance to get more inspiration from their environment and see more of their work.

You will quickly be able to tell if they are the right fit for you by how easily you can communicate. Don’t be afraid to meet with two, three or even more similar suppliers to know what your options are and keep looking if you don’t find the right one straight off.


Step 5: Revisit your list and check reviews

Now that you have put faces to names, (or voices to them if you have made enquiries over the phone) you will have a very good idea of whom is your preferred supplier for each element of your wedding.

If you’re having trouble deciding, use things like Easy Weddings’ reviews or even search our Real Weddings to help shortlist who is the right fit for you.

In laws during wedding planning

Wedding planning can drive even the most reasonable person a little loco at times. When it is your BFF, it is easy to pull them back into line. But when it is your future mother-in-law or even your own mother who is playing up, things can get a bit tricky.

The future in-laws are a very important part of your partner’s past and present and they will become an important part of your future, so it is best to try and handle any problems or conflict of ideas or personalities with as much composure and grace as you can.

Likewise with your own parents. You may not have always seen eye-to-eye while you were growing up, but your wedding is the last moment in your life when you want to let any strain come between you.

We have looked at a few of the most common differences of opinion that arise between brides-to-be, their parents and the future in-laws and have come up with some suggestions on how to diffuse the situation without hurting too many feelings (and still getting most of what you want…).


How to handle the parents and in-laws during wedding planning


Your mother in-law wants you to wear her dress

If this suggestion, or more forceful expectation, had come from your own mother and she has a sense of humour, you could easily say you would rather not wear a puffy-sleeved ’80s tulle-fest.

But if there is a dress that has been in the family for generations, it can be a little harder to pull the plug on the idea.

Likewise, if your future MIL never had a daughter, she might feel like you are one of her own and want to bestow the honour of passing her dress on to you.

In both of theses cases, you will need to employ a little more tact and rather than detracting from the look or age of her gown, which will still have a  lot of sentimental value for her, thank her kindly for the offer.

You might choose to say then and there that you would like to buy something that would suit a particular style you had in mind for your wedding, or you may have already found the gown of your dreams and you could offer to take her to a fitting so she can see it for herself. When she sees how happy you are in the gown and how stunning it is on you, she might change her tune.

If she is still insistent on you wearing the dress or balks at what you have chosen, you can politely say that this is what you would like to wear on your big day.

Arrange Wedding costs

You have set your wedding budget and checked it twice, but here are some costs you may not have considered.

To help you plan for everything we have compiled a list of things that are commonly overlooked when setting and allocating your wedding budget. Here are some wedding costs you probably didn’t know about.


Corkage and cake cutting fees

If you use the cake or alcohol provided by your reception venue, the corkage and cake fees are typically wrapped into the cost. But if you bring in a cake or alcohol that is not provided by your venue, some venues will charge for the cutting and serving of the cake and corkage fees too.


Postage costs

If you’re having your invitations made, factor in postage to your wedding budget too. Keep in mind that with a standard letter costing $1 to send nationally, adding weight or size to that could see you spending more than $2 for each invitation. Also remember to factor in postage for thank you notes if you receive wedding gifts.


Ring insurance

You have a beautiful new piece of jewellery adorning your finger, so you should do what you can to protect it. Insurance is a good way to go to avoid a costly replacement or repair if something should go awry.

The annual cost to insure your ring is around $1 to $2 for every $100 that it would cost to replace. This means that if your ring would cost $9000 to replace, you might expect to pay between $90 and $180 per year to insure it.


Liquor licence

If you are having your reception on a private property,  a temporary limited licence is generally not required where liquor will be supplied free of charge. However, a licence will always be required if the supply of liquor is contingent on the sale or purchase of  goods or services.

If liquor is being supplied through a catering or beverage company, the company will require a liquor licence. Always check they have the relevant licences and that this cost is covered in their quote.



Unless you’re extremely lucky, your wedding gown is going to require some alterations. This could be as simple as hemming the gown, taking it in (or letting it out), or structural changes like adding straps. Make sure you add a little extra to your dress budget to cover any potential what-ifs.


Pre-drinks and food

Chances are you have meticulously planned what people will be eating at your reception, right down to catering for the vegans, gluten intolerant and small children.
But what about you and your bridal party before the ceremony has begun? Don’t starve! Arrange some small snacks or light meals to tide you over and keep you energised. Also, remember to count yourself and your partner in the final table count.
Additonally, your photographer and videographer will be with you for more than eight hours on the wedding day, so consider arranging meals for them to keep them going.

wedding Pinterest worthy tips

The magical world of Pinterest has brought creativity and inspiration for wedding ideas to a whole new level, so it just makes sense to get amongst it. But how do you make your wedding vision Pinterest-worthy in real life?

We can help you with that! Here are some tips to get your started on bringing your awe-inspiring wedding to life.


Start broad

Jot down ideas as they come to you, scan magazines – no matter how old they are – scour them for style ideas and interesting colour schemes.

Take to Pinterest itself and do a generic search and pin things that capture your attention, whether it is because of the theme, the look, the creativity or the colour.

Look at venues, food, flowers, dresses and you will start to see a theme emerging from the things you pin to your board.


Get specific

Now that you know what you are looking for, you can narrow down the search and widen the horizon of possibilities. There are guides that show up under the search bar that can help you to pivot to related searches.

Visual search (a magnifying glass at the top of every pin, is a great tool for finding similar flower arrangements, dresses and colour schemes.


Create a mood board

This can be electronic or physical, but can include all of your favourite ideas and elements that you really want to include in your wedding.

This can be an organic document that can change throughout your planning process as you come across new ideas and more interesting ways to set the tone of your wedding.



The vendors you’re considering probably have Pinterest boards, so take a look at the ideas they’ve been saving. It’s reassuring as a bride-to-be when you find a vendor with a shared aesthetic, so you can be confident that they’ll execute your vision.

You can also create a group board that your fiance can contribute to if they want to be involved, and that you can share with your vendors so you don’t have to try and explain what you are looking for over the phone or email.


Set the budget

Before you get totally blown away by ideas that you want to recreate yourself, it’s time to get realistic.

Determining the length of the purse strings will help you figure out whether you can outsource the creation of your unique ideas (or the recreation of ones you absolutely love), or whether you will have to start op-shopping for unique pieces to re-purpose yourself.