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What are you thinking about facebook weddings

Many couples make a decision to ban phones and the use of social media at their weddings to avoid guests being distracted, but millennials are now embracing it – even shunning traditional wedding ceremonies for those streamed live to guests online. These have been called “Facebook Weddings”.

The names Zita de Pooter and Jeremy Meek are being broadcast around the world as a couple who celebrated their wedding with 210 friends – none of whom turned up for the big day.

Instead, they “liked” the couple’s wedding announcement – a photo of them in casual attire pointing to a crisp white sheet of paper, which just happened to be their marriage certificate.

“We picked up the papers from the courthouse , it was really easy and left to Starbucks,” Zita told The Washington Post.

The 28-year-old says they picked up papers from the courthouse, found a “quiet nook” in a local Starbucks and Jeremy, 32, said some “silly words” about their time together before they signed the paperwork.

“We didn’t want to make a big deal out of it. It was nice. A little bit romantic even,” she says.

There was no bouquet, no wedding dress and no pressure to pull off a ceremony in front of guests.

Their photographer was a passerby on the street, who took the photo on an iPhone that the world is now seeing on Facebook.

The caption read: “Went to the courthouse yesterday and became leap day husband and wife. Anniversaries every 4 years for the rest of our lives.”

Comments began pouring in from the “guests” including: “Congrats! Good Looking couple! Wowowow!”

Several months later, the newlyweds hosted a three-day garden after-party in Zita’s native Belgium.

Even then, the event cost them less than A$8,200.

So is there merit to the idea of shunning a traditional marriage celebration for a social media “event”?

Your wallet will say yes, but your heart might say no.

The 2016 Easy Weddings Survey found the average cost of an Aussie wedding is $30,985, this is just over $10,000 more than what couples budget for on average. This is why a budget is important in the planning process.

It worked for Zita and Jeremy and they won’t be the last couple to get married in such a fashion.

More and more young couples are kissing tradition goodbye and saying “I do” to elopements, courthouse nuptials and intimate small-scale weddings.

Tips easy for pull off a surprise wedding

There’s nothing quite like being able to pull off the ultimate surprise and if you are not a big believer in traditions, one of the best opportunities you will get is to have a surprise wedding!

Too tricky you say? Not at all.

When you look at all of the planning that goes into a wedding, you could actually save a lot of time and money by combining it with another event, like an engagement party, anniversary or even a milestone birthday party.

Rebecca and Leigh decided to get married at their engagement party to save the stress of also planning a wedding.

The Melbourne couple only told a select few people of their plans, so the majority of their 130 guests had no idea what was in store.

“Leading up, everyone had their suspicions and occasionally people would ask or imply we were going to get married. Deny, deny, deny!” Rebecca says.

“There were a few wardrobe changes to pull off the surprise but it all went off without a hitch.”

Here are some tips to help you pull off a surprise wedding that will delight your guests.

To ensure a great turnout, you’ll need to dream up a creative decoy. If your family is already getting together for a planned holiday, you could seize the moment to plan something on location or if you have a 30th or other milestone birthday, you could plan the wedding a week before or after and claim it is to celebrate this occasion.

The most common, however, is to use the engagement party as a ruse and get hitched then.


Explore all options for a venue

Because this is a surprise, huge alarm bells will be going off if you decide to hold your surprise wedding at a church.

To avoid this, look at venue options that have the capacity to hold the number of guests you would like, but that could be a place where an event of any kind could be held.

This could include a local cafe, function center or even a picnic at a park or beach.


Get creative with decor

No one is expecting traditional wedding decor, so you can get creative and incorporate any theme, color and look.

You can do all of this and still create a main ceremony area if you wish to.Talk to your vendors about ways you can disguise the set-up so that it doesn’t immediately scream wedding.

There are many ways you can camouflage things with sheer fabric and accent lighting to deflect any suspicion until you are ready to make the announcement.

Simple thing to decide wedding day schedule

It’s best to employ the “early to bed, early to rise” strategy here.

This will give you time to wake up with a healthy breakfast and a shower to freshen up before the flurry of activity that is about to begin.


The Arrivals

This is when the bridesmaids, makeup artists and hair stylists will make their way to your home if you have mobile services, or if you are meeting at a salon, it’s time for you to get a wriggle on out the door to meet everyone.

As a guide, it usually takes the bride one hour each in hair and make-up, while you should allow 45 minutes for each bridesmaid for makeup and 30 minutes each for hair.

If you have a flowergirl, allow half an hour for both hair and makeup.


Beauty and the Bridesmaids

Your make up artist will usually automatically go for the bridesmaids first, so you will be the freshest for the ceremony. Get them organised and into the beauty chair!


9.30am: Hair time

Hopefully, the hair stylist can finish up the bride’s look within an hour and get started on the Bridesmaids’ ‘dos.


10am: Bridal Beauty

The bridesmaid makeup should almost be done now, so it’s the bride’s turn to get beautified.


11am: Arrival of the documenters

If you have a photographer and/or videographer, you should get them to arrive in time to capture the final touches of the hair and makeup on camera. They can also start shooting your bridal gown and accessories before you put them on.


12pm: Lunch

Even though your stomach might be aflutter, sustenance is key to help you get through this day. Make sure you organise a light lunch and some water for yourself and also your bridesmaids so there is no fainting!